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Green Careers Week 2023

Join our journey to make all jobs greener.

Our video content highlights key roles across a range of sectors

Thumbnail of Amey video. Photo of engineer using equipment

Omar Alkarnez, a graduate Civil Engineer, has worked at Amey for a year. He’s already making his mark and gaining vital experience by working on the Core Valley Line project, a major infrastructure project providing faster, more efficient and greener transport in South Wales.

Video thumbnail for Canal & River Trust. A woman talking to the camera in a high-visibility jacket and hard hat.
Canal & River Trust

For Senior Engineer Helen Braidwood, working at the Canal & River Trust means prioritising sustainability in every project she’s involved with. That’s combining traditional civil engineering with skills like ecology, carbon management, energy efficiency and water conservation.

Video thumbnail image for Clarion Housing Group. Photo of the three speakers in front of a building under construction.
Clarion Housing Group

On its journey to decarbonise, Clarion is building on great progress already made to ensure that everything it builds, everything it owns, and everything it does is making a difference for its people and for the planet. See how Clarion Housing Group is greening our housing stock.

IDRIC video thumbnail. Male standing outside in front of a red-brick building.
IDRIC (Industrial Decarbonisation Research & Innovation Centre)

Madhi Ahmed, a researcher in sustainable energy choices at the University of Sheffield, recently attended IDRIC’s Early Career Research Industry and Policy Engagement Workshop in London. The event sought to create closer links between academia and researchers to accelerate the deployment of new low carbon technologies.

OVO Group video thumbnail. Young woman in an office next to a large plant.
OVO Energy

Reena Dosanjh is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at OVO Energy in Bristol.  A storyteller, with a degree in Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, Reena uses her marketing skills to communicate with OVO Energy’s stakeholders and customers about the company’s green products and services.

Thumbnail of RSK video. Image of a man walking through an office space
RSK Group

Pete Whipp, Operations Director at RSK Group, manages a diverse team of environmental consultants with a range of academic backgrounds, skills and working practices. His team is responsible for some of the UK’s biggest and most significant green infrastructure projects.

Sky video thumbnail. Image of a man at the Sky offices, in front of a sky glass product

Sky’s commitment to sustainability and social good runs through every aspect of the company’s operations; from television production to product development, human resources to facilities management. See just how far Sky’s commitment to sustainability goes.


Photo of the main character, Angela, in a conference room
Speedy Hire

Ange Hughes wouldn’t describe herself as a trailblazer. But for her colleagues enrolled in Speedy Hire’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Partnership Programme, she’s living proof that opportunity abounds for all in the green economy.

Temple video thumbnail. Photo of main standing outside smiling

Harry Jarvis, who has a Master’s in Environment Management, joined Temple in 2021. Harry says he benefits from working at a company large enough to attract the sector’s best talent, but small enough to maintain a collegiate approach to its work.

The Crown Estate video thumbnail. A photo of a woman on a street outside some buildings in London
The Crown Estate

Jane Wakiwaka, Sustainability Director at The Crown Estate, says the retrofit project currently underway at 36 James’s Street in London demonstrates the economic and social benefits of this strategy.

TSW video thumbnail. Image of man teaching in front of a screen in a classroom
TSW Training

TSW Training provides a suite of environment and sustainability training qualifications that give businesses and their employees the resilience and expertise they need to work towards net zero targets.  James Nicholl, a trainer at TSW, has seen demand for these types of courses rise dramatically in recent years.

Read advice from individuals in green jobs

Photo of Yvonne Booth

If you’re hoping for a career in sustainability, join professional organisations, go to industry events, talk to people who work in sustainability, keep your LinkedIn profile current, join LinkedIn groups, and look out for training and volunteering opportunities.

Yvonne Booth
Licence Applications Manager at Mowi Ireland
Image of Kye Gbangbola with his book

Sustainability is a long-term career; the more people engage, the greater their understanding, energy and drive to change.

Founder Managing Director of Total Eco Management Limited
Photo of Susan McSeveney

I foresee lots of career opportunities opening up. The sector is becoming less siloed, and sustainability is increasingly a critical skill.


Susan McSeveney (she/her)
Education Director, The Verdancy Group Ltd.
Photo of Nevin

If I were giving myself advice, I would say to look as early as possible for apprenticeship opportunities. It’s also worth looking at how to join organisations via work experience.

I think doing an apprenticeship is the best decision I’ve made so far in terms of my career.

Nevin Rose (he/him)
Undergraduate Environmental Consultant and WSP
Photo of Neil Howe

I’ve seen a positive shift in attitudes since I began my career. The meaning of a ‘green job’ now involves so much more than just environmental considerations.

Neil Howe
Head of Writing at Cedrec Information Systems Ltd
Photo of Rebecca McLean

There’s no average day or week in this job, which is partly why I love it so much. Every day there are key tasks I need to prioritise, and I make sure I’m available to help my colleagues.  What I like most is I can make a difference.

Rebecca McLean
Head of Sustainability, Energy, Water & Environment at SWECO
Photo of Aydn Loffman

I studied fine art in higher education before embarking on an environment and sustainability path. I attended many training courses, learning key skills and vocations on the job.

Aydn Loffman (he/him)
Group Environmental Improvement Manager at 2 Sisters Food Group
Image of Caroline Carlin at the football stadium

Not everybody comes into these [jobs] with expert knowledge and loads and loads of degrees, and my background wasn’t sustainability and now it’s my day-to-day job.

Caroline Carlin (she/her)
Operations and Sustainability Manager at Southampton Football Club (Saints)
Photo of Cathie Mackay

Do something that you truly believe in, that you’re passionate about.

Cathie Mackay (she/her)
Director at CoSpring and Non-Executive Director at IEMA
Oluwaseun outdoors, dressed in bee-keeping suit

Volunteering has been my championing move in working in the green economy. It has given me the opportunity to meet people and get a lot of knowledge and help me further my career.

Oluwaseun Johnson (he/him)
Volunteer, IEMA North West Regional Group
Photo of Simon Colvin

I think my passion for the environment started at a young age. I always enjoyed studying science at school. When it came to going to university, I naturally started looking at courses to combine that.

Simon Colvin
ESG Lawyer and Partner at Weightmans
Photo of Maddy Diment

When I was choosing my A levels, I thought about the combination that would work best for a career in a really diverse field like sustainability.

Maddy Diment
Lead Researcher at Tortoise Media

Finding your way to a green future

What subjects get the green light for green careers? IEMA recently conducted a short survey on what people studied before taking up their green job.

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