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TSW Training

Established in 1966, TSW has over 50 years’ experience delivering results-driven solutions to improve people and business performance throughout the UK.

TSW is a leading training provider with vast experience delivering leadership, management, environmental and health and safety solutions in a range of industries, and across the private, public and third sectors.

The company’s solutions are tailored to individual needs, whether you are a business, team, or individual contributor.

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Upskilling for the green economy

The success of a plan depends on the people charged with its implementation. And so it is with sustainability; employee knowledge and skills development are paramount for every organisation pursuing net zero.   

TSW Training, one of IEMA’s 80 globally approved training providers, works with organisations across the UK to develop the skills and expertise they need to transition to a more sustainable future and thrive in the green economy.  

The company provides a suite of environment and sustainability training qualifications that give businesses and their employees the resilience and expertise they need to work towards net zero targets.   

James Nicholl, a trainer at TSW, has seen demand for these types of courses rise dramatically in recent years. He says: “Companies understand the value of training. They know it’s all well and good to have a grand vision for decarbonisation, but unless your staff are equipped with green skills, their strategies will not be achieved.”  

Watch the video above to learn more about sustainability training with TSW Training.   

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Unlocking green skills

Watch this interview to discover how TSW Training can empower you with the skills you need to future-proof your career, and drive change in the new sustainable economy.  

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