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RSK Group

RSK Group comprises over 175 environmental, engineering and technical services businesses, working together to provide practical solutions to some of society’s greatest challenges.   

Founded in 1989 and with over 11,000 staff, RSK Group operates in most sectors of the economy, including many of those most critical to future global sustainability, such as water, energy, food and drink, infrastructure, urban development, mining and waste.   

With an integrated offering across research and development, consultancy and on the ground application, RSK Group delivers projects that are vital for our transition to net zero and the green economy.    

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Shaping the green economy

The UK environment and sustainability consultancy sector needs an extra 7,200 professionals by 2025 just to keep pace with rising demand for ESG, net zero and other sustainability services, according to research by Environment Analyst.     

Faced with this looming skills gap, employment practices are evolving; making it easier for career starters and career changers to enter the sector and play their part in the green economy.  RSK Group, a global leader in sustainability solutions, exemplifies this innovative, flexible approach to sustainability jobs.  

Pete Whipp, Operations Director at RSK Group, manages a diverse team of environmental consultants with a range of academic backgrounds, skills and working practices. His team is responsible for some of the UK’s biggest and most significant green infrastructure projects.  Each team member’s role is tailored to their unique circumstances and career aspirations.         

Pete says: “At RSK Group we understand that to attract the best people we need flexibility; be that the option of working from home, out in the field, or in the office.  We invest in our people and respond to their needs.”   

Watch the video above to learn more about green careers with RSK Group.  

Learn more about career opportunities with RSK

Ever thought about a career as an Environmental Consultant?  

Watch this interview to find out more about RSK Group, and how the growth of the green economy could mean new job opportunities for you.  

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