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Temple is a proud, independent SME. Purpose driven to make a meaningful environmental and social difference, it is a certified B Corporation, which means the organisation has been officially recognised as one that balances profit with people and the planet.

Specialising in environment, ecology, planning and sustainability, Temple works on some of the UK’s most complex infrastructure, planning and social projects and schemes. The company helps its clients make the most of opportunities and supports them in achieving their long-term sustainability aims, and makes a meaningful environmental and social difference.

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The green job that's right for you

When it comes to jobs in the green economy, academic qualifications are a foundation, but successful careers are built on access to meaningful opportunity, experience and experts in your field.

Harry Jarvis, who has a Master’s in Environment Management, joined Temple in 2021. Harry says he benefits from working at a company large enough to attract the sector’s best talent, but small enough to maintain a collegiate approach to its work.

Jarvis says, “It’s obviously a very personal choice, but for me, I think there’s a danger of getting lost or siloed in a bigger company. At Temple I work on a daily basis with some of the best brains in the sustainability sector, and I get to make a real contribution to our projects. In a short space of time, I’ve accrued a lot of experience and really accelerated my career progression. I’m not sure it would be the same at a larger company.”

As our journey to creating sustainable futures accelerates, job opportunities in the green economy will grow. For those entering the job market, selecting the right employer will become even more critical in shaping a future career path.

Watch the video above to learn more about Harry’s role with Temple.

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Choosing the right green job for you

Watch this interview to find out more about Temple’s role in creating sustainable futures and what that could mean for you.

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