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Two technicians stand on top of a wind turbine looking out onto a wind farm

Developing your career

A green career can be extremely rewarding, providing you with both purpose and passion every day. There are green jobs across all sectors, and in the future, we hope that everybody will have the relevant skills and knowledge to make their job greener.

Play your part

This is your opportunity to be part of the solution to climate change, biodiversity loss, the plastic waste crisis and other environmental challenges. In response to the global need for action, the UK government has a target of reaching net zero emissions by 2050, and to turn around the decline in our natural environment. This can only be achieved with a trained workforce with relevant skills.

Image of two people monitoring the ground, with clipboards

New green jobs will be created, and existing jobs will need to be done in a greener way to ensure that all businesses are operating sustainably. Every single individual will need to develop green skills. We believe that everybody has a role to play in our green future, and that green knowledge and skills must be brought into every role. Alongside this, you might also want to develop your career in a specific area, for example, working on renewable energy, actively working outdoors to protect the natural environment, or working on new green technologies.

Key terms

A woman wearing a hijab is smiling and taking part in a training session
Green Skills

An umbrella term for the knowledge, behaviours, capabilities and technical skills required to tackle the environmental challenges we face and to unlock new opportunities for growth.

Two people work to install a wind turbine
Green Jobs

Employment in an activity that contributes to protecting or restoring the environment, including those that mitigate or adapt to climate change.

Woman works on modern farm while holding a tablet computer
Green Economy

A potential future state of the whole UK economy, in which fundamental changes in the way the economy functions have taken place. Growth will continue to be the essential motif of our economy, but its measurement will be more holistic, more consistently factoring in people and planet, alongside profit.

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