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Clarion Housing Group

Clarion Housing Group is the UK’s largest housing association, with 125,000 homes and 350,000 residents.

Clarion makes a difference. It is committed to providing quality affordable homes and creating thriving communities across the country. As a not-for-profit, all Clarion’s surplus is reinvested into new and existing homes, services and community support.

It builds thousands of new homes each year and was named the UK’s most sustainable not-for-profit housebuilder in 2022. Its charitable foundation, Clarion Futures, works with partners to provide employment support, skills and debt advice to residents.

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Tackling the climate crisis for residents 

Decarbonising our housing stock is vital in delivering net zero. The task we face, however, is enormous, as UK homes remain among the least efficient in Europe. But while the challenge is great, so too are the career opportunities that come with it.     

As the largest housing association in the UK, Clarion Housing Group plays a pivotal role in accelerating our net zero journey. The Group provides homes to over 350,000 people across England and has already delivered the largest number of retrofits in the social housing sector.   

On its journey to decarbonise, Clarion is building on great progress already made to ensure that everything it builds, everything it owns, and everything it does is making a difference for its people and for the planet.  

Jason Light, a Planned Investment Manager at Clarion, oversees a major housing project in Snodland, Kent. He says, “For all of us at Clarion, it’s about dialling up the speed we decarbonise our housing stock, creating communities that are climate resilient, energy efficient and that enhance social value. It’s an exciting time to be in housing.”    

Building new homes and retrofitting existing ones provides a hugely important route for anyone seeking to make a real difference and help meet the climate change challenge.    

Watch the video above to see how Clarion Housing Group is greening our housing stock.    

Learn more about how you can make a difference with Clarion Housing Group

Net zero and housing

Watch this interview to learn more about Clarion Housing Group’s role in our transition to net zero, and what that could mean for you.   

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