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Strategic partner: Hays

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About Hays

People are at the heart of everything Hays does. In its 50 years in business, with its workforce of 10,000+ people across 33 countries, Hays has empowered individuals and organisations to succeed by always striving to do the right thing.  

A strong social and environmental purpose underpins the organisation’s narrative.  From expanding its ‘Helping for your tomorrow’ initiatives, to moving closer to net zero, and empowering schools with tech and careers insights, Hays has demonstrated tangible social and environmental progress. Additionally, the team has much more planned for the future.  

The premise that the right job can transform a person’s life and that the right individual can uplift an organisation, is at the foundation of the Hays philosophy, which also extols the idea that the right tenure and expertise can help create a better tomorrow for everyone.   

As the world’s largest specialist recruiter, Hays is in a unique position to enable real environmental change, both on a local and national scale. They’re able to bring the full impact of their knowledge, resources and technology to the partners they work with, helping to overcome some of the most significant social and environmental issues that persist in our society.   

Watch this conversation between Sarah Mukherjee MBE (IEMA) and Paul Gosling (Hays) as part of the Hays Sustainable Futures series.

Hays and IEMA – collaborating for the Green Careers Hub

IEMA and Hays share the strategic ambition to support individuals on their career journey by inspiring them to work in roles that support the environment and sustainability. Both organisations see the importance of green jobs and skills, and the need to build a pipeline of talent to support the workforce of the future.   

Hays has supported the Green Careers Hub through content and sharing insights gained through decades of recruiting into this sector. Furthermore, Hays is an advocate of IEMA membership, and a featured recruiter on the IEMA jobs board. Colleagues at Hays regularly support events for IEMA and the Green Careers Hub.  

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