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Webinar recording: A day in the life of an environmental apprentice

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Environmental apprenticeships

Watch the webinar recording from 9th November 2023, as part of Green Careers Week.

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Please note that the subtitles on this video have been auto-generated and so there may be some inaccuracies in the captions.

Green Careers Week Webinar from IEMA

The number of green apprenticeships is increasing, and this webinar provided the opportunity to find out more about what they can entail. Our panelists are environmental apprentices, who talk through their journeys to date, why they decided to do an apprenticeship, and what their day-to-day role looks like. The speakers are apprentices working in environmental fields at different organisations.

IEMA (the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment) is the global professional body for 21,000+ individuals and 300+ organisations working, studying or interested in the environment and sustainability. This webinar was part in Green Careers Week 2023, to help raise awareness of green jobs in the UK. This specific session was hosted by IEMA Futures, our  network of students, graduates and early-career professionals who are passionate about environment and sustainability issues.

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IEMA is the membership body for environment and sustainability professionals