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Unlocking the power of transferable soft skills: keys to success in the green sector

Tuesday 23rd April 2024
Online workshop: 12pm to 1pm

Four people working/studying at a table

We are excited to be joining forces with Wayvie for our next Green Careers Hub webinar. Wayvie works with eco-friendly organisations, providing training and development to enhance people skills and behaviours; improving retention, engagement and performance in a green economy.

This is an interactive, one-hour session, aimed at individuals in their early-mid careers who are looking to develop their transferable skills to drive change in the green sector. Our speakers, Peter Starr, Managing Director & Founder at Chilli & Wayvie and Becky Hayman, a Wayvie facilitator specialising in communication, will be focusing on the following topics:

  • What are transferable/soft skills?
  • Why are they important in green roles – what does the research say?
  • A look into your own “soft skill” strengths and learning opportunities?
  • Deeper dive into the top skills identified by the audience.

Join us and get involved with the exercises to support your development journey and work towards the next step in your career.

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