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Shaping Tomorrow’s Workforce: The Power of Apprenticeships

Monday 24th June 2024
Online (through MS Teams webinar): 1pm to 2pm

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Hosted by the Green Careers Hub and IEMA Corporate Partnerships team, this enlightening and insightful webinar will be hosted by Martin Baxter, Deputy CEO of IEMA. The discussion will delve into the crucial role of apprenticeships in shaping the future workforce, with panel guests from Cranfield University and Nestlé, an IEMA corporate partner actively engaged in apprenticeship initiatives. We’ll gain input from an apprentice at Nestlé, who will talk about their experiences of studying and working.

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Why Apprenticeships Matter

Apprenticeships are vital for nurturing talent, bridging skills gaps, and fostering innovation across industries. They offer a unique opportunity for individuals to gain hands-on experience while earning qualifications, creating a pathway to meaningful employment and career progression. Apprenticeships are available to individuals at any point of their career, and at different educational levels, from the age of 16 up to a master’s degree.

Key Discussion Points

1. The Value of Apprenticeships: Exploring the significance of apprenticeships in driving workforce development and addressing industry demands.

2. Building Sustainable Skills: Discussing how apprenticeships contribute to building a skilled and resilient workforce equipped to tackle evolving challenges in environmental management.

3. Industry Collaboration: Highlighting the importance of partnerships between educational institutions, regulatory bodies, and corporate entities in designing effective apprenticeship programmes.

4. Best Practices and Case Studies: Showcasing successful apprenticeship models and sharing insights from real-world experiences to inspire innovation and excellence in apprenticeship schemes.

5. Future Outlook: Examining emerging trends and opportunities in apprenticeship training, and strategies for maximizing the impact of apprenticeships on organisational growth and sustainability.

This session will be beneficial for individuals considering a apprenticeship, or those exploring the opportunity to hire an apprentice within their organisation. So don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and perspectives on the transformative power of apprenticeships in shaping the workforce of tomorrow

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